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Donnerstag, 16.03.2023

Global crisis as challenge for international social work

Uhrzeit/ time: 19:00 - 21:00 Uhr/ 7 - 9pm

Format: online

Veranstaltungssprache/ language: Englisch/ English


This workshop will discuss the global crises, in particular, the climate crisis and the consequences for International Social Work. There will be input by different professionals, relating to the topic: Ilham Rawoot will talk about the impact of the global climate crisis on the Global South with specific emphasis on Mozambique or Southern Africa Kefilwe Dithlake will give perspective on the climate crisis as a challenge for Social Work in South Africa. Prof. Dr. Andrea Schmelz will then lead into a discussion about the consequences of such crisis for International Social Work.

The workshop will be moderated by Prof. Dr. Tanja Kleibl and Prof. Dr. Claudia Lohrenscheit


organised by Theresa Hoffmann, DBSH employee


Prof. em. Dr. Ronald Lutz

Sociologist and Anthropologist, former Professor at the UAS Erfurt

Dr. Kefilwe Dithlake

Social worker, Lecturer for Community Development (University of Johannesburg)

Daniel Ribeiro

Prof. Dr. Tanja Kleibl

Professor for Social Work, Migration and Diversity (TUAS Würzburg-Schweinfurt), coordinatior for the Master's Programme "International Social Work with Refugees and Migrants" (TUAS), Research Associate (University of Johannesburg (South Africa)), member of the section "International Social Work" of the German Associaition of Social Work (DGSA)

Prof. Dr. Andrea Schmelz

Professor for International Social Work and Global Development (UAS Coburg), advisory board member, Springer Series and Briefs in Social Work and Social Change, co-speaker of the section "International Social Work" of the German Associaiton of Social Work (DGSA)

Prof. Dr. Claudia Lohrenscheit

Professor for International Social Work and Human Rights (UAS Coburg), member of the national coaltion and chairwoman of the scientic committee of the network for implementation of the UN Convention on the rights of a Child, member of the section "International Social Work" of the German Associaition of Social Work (DGSA)

Anmeldung/ registration

This event will take place online.

The registration is now closed.

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